About me

"It is not what you look at that matters:
it is what you see."

Henry David Therau

I was fortunate enough to be born and raised in Rio de Janeiro and travel extensively to understand the illusions that entrap, limit and at the same time define us as early 21st century humans, and hopefully the work on this website portraits a little bit of that.

I create images that focus on the positive human aspect of any situation and stay away from  cliches. My mission is to change the way people see the world and their relationship with others. Photography and film just happened to be they way I chose to achieve that.  My true passion is in social documentary as I believe it has the power to change people’s perceptions.

I am also very grateful to be alive in such decisive times and I love meeting and working with people and organizations that are also working towards the same goals. So if what I said resonates with your own mission please do get in touch.

The video below should also give you a good insight on my work and how I like to operate.


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